Certified Ethical Hacker Certification by Christmas

I’m pretty happy with the certifications I achieved in 2021 – RHCSA, Azure Administrator Associate, and MTA in Python. I had intended to start into some security certifications from January, but with the recent return of expanded Covid restrictions in my country until January 2022, and with no time off work until the week between Christmas and New Years, I fancy squeezing in one last certification before Christmas; EC-Council’s Certified Ethnical Hacker.

Having flicked through the study material, looked at the exam objectives, and done a quick assessment test, I’m very confident I can pass this by December 23rd (and then really enjoy Christmas and that week off!). So just over 2 weeks. The only stumbling block to that deadline might be my work paying for the exam, which can take a frustratingly long time.

A lot of the material is stuff I’m already quite familiar with, and a lot of the prerequisite non-security knowledge – predominately networking  – is material I’m already very comfortable with.

Hopefully I won’t be eating my words alongside those mince pies come Christmas Eve…

I’ll be using Ric Messier’s CEH v11 Certified Ethnical Hacker Study Guide, almost exclusively I feel, because what I’ve read so far is excellent. As somebody who normally gravitates more towards video learning than books, I’m really enjoying it; I haven’t been able to put the book down since starting it to be honest!

My first impressions of the material set by EC-Council is a bit mixed though. I was expecting this to be far more technical, based on the grandiose title of the cert if nothing else, but really it comes across as a more in-depth version of CompTIA Security+. Early days though, I may have changed my opinion by exam time.

OSCP…now that looks like my kind of exam…really looking forward to getting stuck into that after CEH.


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