Certification Blitz: Red Hat, Azure, Python

I’ve “decided” to do a bit of a certification blitz over the next 3 months. By June 30th I want to complete:

      1. Red Hat Certified System Administrator (EX200)
      2. Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ-104)
      3. MTA: Introduction to Programming Using Python (98-381)

I had planned on doing these consecutively, but the dates for the Azure and Python exams were kind of pushed on me; the Python exam is free after completing an online course, but with only 3 or 4 exam dates to choose from in the coming weeks, and the Azure exam voucher is free courtesy of completing Ignite, with the caveat that it must be used before June 30th, which I didn’t realise beforehand.

Even though there’s no deadline to take the RHCSA exam, I really don’t want to pause my study of it, as I’m about 25% through Sander van Vugt’s video course (which is excellent by the way…”rrrrroot!”)

So the only reasonable option is to complete all three before June 30th!

To be honest, it’s a nice bit of motivation and a kick in the ass to get moving, as my RHCSA study was pretty slow and inconsistent without a deadline. Also, Covid lockdown will likely hopefully be easing around that time, so it would be great to leave lockdown with some more certifications under my belt.

I’ll be posting my opinions on the courseware and exams over the next few weeks for all three certifications.

First up is the MTA Python exam, next week, 16th April. It should be very straightforward, it doesn’t appear to be a difficult exam, and I was already familiar with all topics before taking the course; really I just want it as a mark on my CV that tells anybody reading it that I know basic Python. The other two will be more challenging; despite being responsible for Linux servers at work, they’re not something I need to be hands on with very often, and Cloud is something I have no experience in yet, either from a certification or professional view. Still, I think three months for all three should be enough…


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